Student Clubs

“Clubs at GHRU, Saikheda”

G H Raisoni University, Saikheda imparts and believes in holistic education. Thus, we provide our students with a blend of academic excellence, practical learning and a plethora of co-curricular activities. The finest amenities, the most well versed faculty and a variety of clubs are provided by us for our students to learn and ingest from as a part of our teaching pedagogy.

We do comprehend that a student requires a variety of activities for their complete development. And, this has been the reason our clubs have been formed. The clubs imbibe the students with knowledge, information and interest associated with the activity they like and want to learn. There is one club for each student and the overall experience is nothing short of enriching.

Fine Arts, Photography and Videography Club (FAPV)

The Fine Arts, Photography and Videography (FAPV) club is that perfect podium for the students to showcase their talent associated with a variety of fine art activities. The program involves conducting workshops, hosting seminars on photography and videography and organizing events. The events engross sketching, film making, displaying creative items and the like. And, the art includes crafting greeting cards, clocks, candles, bags and making artifacts based on ‘Best out of Waste’.

Event Management & Personality Development Club (EMPD)

With the Event Management & Personality Development Club the University offers a variety of activities and events associating with the business needs. There are organized events like the Youth Festivals and many numbers of social and cultural gatherings. Yet again, the personality traits and team building attitude is nurtured in students with this club activity. The emphasis is also laid on, development of professional and leadership skills by fabricating and emphasizing on the organization of the events.

Dance, Drama and Music Club (DDM)

The Dance, Drama and Music Club involve many numbers of stage activities. It includes a creative potpourri of dramatics, plays, mime, mimicry, mad ads, movie spoofs, skits and street plays. These are just to name a few of the many acts performed under its umbrella. The club inculcates staging of one play every semester and requisites the participation of all the students. The students also learn the basics and in-depth knowledge pertaining to production, backstage and acting through this.

Sports & Recreation Club (SRC)

The sports and recreation club has been formed with the single objective of developing the spirit of sportsmanship in students. As a part of the indispensable activities conducted round the year tournaments are organized, sports activities are conducted and sports quiz executed. With this the students are assured of imbibing the team spirit and learning the basics of sports. They are also able to participate in a number of Inter College Tournaments through the club.

Hobby Club (HC)

The hobby club is that perfect platform to pursue technical activities as a part of the leisure time pursuit. The students are guided about the activities such as Robot making. With the guidance and motivation, students are able to participate in technical competitions organized in and out of the University. The quizzes are also conducted based on technical knowledge as a part of this club activity to further make the students well-informed.

NSS Unit

The Social welfare committee and the NSS is the philanthropic unit of the Student Council of GHRU. It houses 100 members. A number of funds are established under its work profile. One such fund is the ‘GharkiSaraswati’, a Girl child welfare fund, which involves empowering the health care and education for the girl child of two of the adopted villages, every year. The objective of the club is to aid the less fortunate people of the society and thus make the world a better place to live.

Nature Club (HC)

The G H Raisoni University, Saikheda believes in the protection of the environment. Thus, as a part of the many clubs the Nature club has also been initiated. The objective of the club centers on designing and conducting activities which are associated with Nature and Environment. With the activities assurance to make the University environment friendly and ingest the students with knowledge pertaining to awareness is pursued. The students partake in a variety of activities for environmental protection.

Book Circle and Movie Club

This club has been formed with the aim to inculcate in the students reading habit and develop an allurement for literature, fiction and nonfiction books. Other than regular reading sessions, book review/book narration competitions are conducted round the year. The club also publishes bi-monthly magazines and co-ordinate with other schools to pursue the same. There is also organized movie review sessions of motivational movies for the students to make them more informed.

Discipline Committee (DC)

The Discipline Committee of the University is responsible for taking care of complete obedience in       the campus. The committee is required to be vigil towards the action of students and staff that are either misusing or damaging the University property. In fact, such acts are reported to the Registrar or the Administrative Officer. This ensures rectification and immediate address of the issues. Decorum in the University is assured through this committee.

Cillage- AHEAD Club (CAC)

This Cillage Ahead Club performs activities which enable transformation of villages into Cillages. Through this, the villages are developed in the realm of agriculture, health, education and other pertinent criteria. This is pursued in the villages adopted by the University. A comprehensive effort is portrayed to ensure this good cause. The complete assistance for the development is provided by the University for the same.

So, indeed there are several clubs that students can be a member of or take membership in order to be part of the cultural landscape of the University. With us at the G H Raisoni University, Saikheda excellence is assured and reflected.

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.