“When you feel like stopping, think about why you started”


This is exactly the thought process which builds with sports activities. And, this is just a sneak peek of it. The students are able to fabricate and be on the receiving end of a plethora of benefits with the sports activities. These include the virtue of perseverance, the trait of never giving up, the inculcation of sportsmanship and the mindset which motivates them at every endeavor. This is the acumen we at the G H Raisoni University have inculcated the best of the sports amenities as a part of our Education system at our Saikheda campus.

The amenities include

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Indoor and outdoor sports

Indoor and outdoor sports

At the University campus, we have a plethora of sports activities planned for the students. These include the outdoor and the indoor ones. The ground for the outdoor activities is well planned in accordance with the norms of that particular game. So, we have the facilities in accordance with Cricket, Football, Racing, and Basketball to name a few. Yet again, there is variety of the indoor sports facility; we have which suffices the requisite for Chess, Table Tennis, Carom and the like. These and many more we harbor in the form of sports amenities.



Time and again, the University fabricates event which nurtures the spirit of positive competition amongst the students. So, there are held the inter class sports competition. Then, there are also the intercollegiate competitions, in which the best students are sent to portray their skills. The scholarship is provided to the best sports person every year as well. However, for the latter there are some norms which need to be sufficed with, the guidance for which can be taken from the University office.

Sports in charge

Sports in charge

Most of the instances the students are vaguely aware of the norms and rules of the sports. Thus, we have sports in charge for every sport in our University. They are well versed with the sports and inspire the student to pursue well in the same. They motivate the students and instill in them the apt skills; brushing it and making them imbibe the new principles.

We work in the realm to develop in our students, the attribute, which bespeak-

“When you don’t give up, you cannot fail.”-Anonymous

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.