School of Commerce and Management

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.BBA (Honors)3 years
2.BBA (Entrepreneurship)3 years
3.BBA (Supply Chain Management)3 years
4.BBA (Banking & Finance)3 years
5.BBM3 years
6.B.Com.- Hons3 years
7.B.Com.- Business IT3 years
8.B.Com.- Transport Management3 years
9.B.Com.- Investment Management3 years
10.Hotel Management 
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
11.M.Com.2 years
12.MBA2 years
13.MBA (Banking & Finance)2 years

School of Agriculture

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.B.Sc (Agriculture)3 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
2.M.Sc (Agriculture)2 years
3.Diploma (Agriculture)3 years

School of Pharmacy

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.B.Pharm (General) 
2.D.Pharm (General) 

School of Sciences

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.B.Sc. (Computer Science)3 years
2.B.Sc. (Biochemistry)3 years
3.B.Sc. (Information Technology)3 years
4.B.Sc. (Phy/Che/Math/Bio)3 years
5.B.Sc. (Statistics)3 years
6.B.Sc. (Fire)3 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
7.M.Sc (Statistics)2 years
8.M.Sc (Finance)2 years
9.M.Sc (Remote Sensing)2 years
10.M.Sc (Waste Management)2 years
11.M.Sc (Environment Science)2 years
12.M.Sc (Biochemistry)2 years
13.M.Sc (Phy/Che/Math/Bio)2 years

School of Engineering & Technology

1.Advanced Diploma Industrial Safety And Security Management 
2.Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety and Industrial Environment Engineering 

School of Law

Sr.No.Integrated CourseDuration
1.BBA - L.L.B. 
2.B.Sc - L.L.B. 
3.BA - L.L.B. 
4.B.Com - L.L.B. 
5.L.L.M1 years

School of Arts Including Finance

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.BA (Mass Communication)3 years
2.BA (Film Television & New Media Programs)3 years
3.BA (Civil Services)3 years
4.Fashion Designing 
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
5.MA (Mass Communication)2 years

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