Report on Guest Lecture

Mr. Manish Upadhayay Author, Motivational Speaker & Trainer. He is a passionate People’s Trainer, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker. Session was conducted by Department of Engineering & Technology at G H Raisoni University, Saikheda.

Department of School of Engineering & Technology of G H University, Saikheda has arranged a guest lecture by Mr. Manish Upadhyay, Motivational Speaker, Trainer. Through his training & Power-talks, help learners to re-invent themselves; they become more confident, fearless, and successful.

In his motivational speech, he encouraged students to follow their hobbies, to stay stress free, make their hobbies like reading books or comics to improve English & to watch English movies to learn the pronunciation of the words and get familiar with language.

He involved students to do physical activity to relax, as well as told them few tricks or activities to get released from stress or anxiety.

He inspired them by his words of wisdom “Not to give up, take a break, if you must…. but never give up”. There were also obstacles along the way. But with each small step they can be overcome. There were frustrations, fears and uncertainties. But with each small step they can be crushed. There was hardship and danger, but with each small step and focus on the desired destination it can be conquered. So you see, success is no mystery. It takes only one small step to succeed.

Session concluded with the vote of thanks given by Prof. Dhanashri Nagulwar. Prof. Ajay
Mahawadiwar, HoD was instrumental in the coordination with the Guest Speaker.

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