Dr. Kevin Gawali

School of Agriculture Science
Seed Sciences and Technology (Agril. Botany)

Education Qualification

B.Sc. in Agriculture
M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology
Ph.D in Seed Science and Technology

Work Experience:

Academic / Industry : 07 years


International /National Journal: 06  
International /National Conference: 08
Text book/Book Chapters: 13
Patents: 02

Achievements :

1. 1st Rank in a Specialised Management Training Course in “Quality Management” Conducted by Govt. of India Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Development Institute Allahabad from 28-2-11 to 14 -3-11.

2. Participtated the State Seed Certification Training programme on “Seed Certification & Seed Testing” from 1st September 2011 conducted by U.P.State Seed certification Agency, Govt.Garden campus, Alambabh, Lucknow.

3. Attained the Two Days Hands on Biotech Camp on “Genetic Diversity Analysis in Plant by Molecular Marker” Conducted Institute of Transgene Life Science Lucknow, Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding and Seed Science and Technology,SHIATS,Allahabad from 23-9-2011 to 24-9-2011.

4. Participtated the National Agriculture-Exhibition programme on “Agriculture- Festival” from 24th Februvary 2017 to 27th Februvary 2017 conducted by M.P.State Gov. Pandhurna, Dist- Chindwara.

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