Prof. Sonia Bajaj

Assistant Professor
School of Engineering & Technology

AREAS OF INTEREST: Image Processing, Computer Networks, Robotics.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history of working as a Technical Administrator at British Telecommunications, U.K from 2007-2010. She has joined G H Raisoni University in July 2017 after her contribution as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering department at KDK college of Engineering from 2013-2016. Skilled in Data Center, Network Administration, Windows Server Suite and Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP).


1.Sonia Bajaj (Jan 2016), “Reversible Image Data Hiding using Contrast Data Enhancement”,International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering IJIRCCE,Volume 4, Issue 2, 29th February 2016, Impact Factor: 5.618.
2.Sonia Bajaj ET AL.(Jun 2016), “ RDH using MD5 and Contrast Enhancement”, International Journal of Research in Science and Engineering IJRISE for sustainable development, Impact Factor: 6.209.
3.Sonia Bajaj ET AL.(Oct 2016), “ Reversible Image Data Hiding”,International Journal of Research in Science and Engineering IJRISE for sustainable development, Impact Factor: 7.21.
4.Sonia Bajaj (Jan 2015) presented paper on “Authentication Scheme for Document Type Image”in International Conference on Science and Technology, ICSTS-2015.
5 Sonia Bajaj(Jan 2009)," E-commerce online strategies", IJSR, volume 3, issue 2, impact factor- 7.292. 6. Sonia Bajaj(June 2008), presented paper on “Advertisements Over Cell Phone Networks – Is it a Successful strategy” at Glasgow University,U.K.

1. STTP in "E-business strategy"(2010) at Newcastle Academy of Business, UK
2. STTP in "Data Mining" (2014) at Abha Gaikwad Patil College of Engineering.
3. STTP in"Mobile Computing" (2015) at Jhulelal Institute of Technology.
4. Workshop on "E-Yantra"(2017) at IIT, Powai, Mumbai.

AWARDS/ACCOLADES: 1. Successful examinee in GRE & TOEFL with scholarship awarded score for higher studies in UK (2006).
2. Merit listed in Bachelors of Engineering final year and was second topper in college (2006).
3. Ranked second in Maharashtra in final year Diploma in Computer Engineering and was awarded with certificate of merit(2003).
4. University ranker in both the semesters of Masters of Technology(2016).

RESEARCH INTERESTS: I am interested in understanding the trade-offs between resources (e.g., data, memory, time, etc) for problems in statistical learning. During my graduate work, I worked on compression and statistical estimation, with particular emphasis on problems over large domains.

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