Guest Lecture on “Networking”

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Guest Lecture for the Engineering students. The Guest lecture was by Mr. Prabuddha Sanyal, Network Engineer from IT-NetworkZ Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur enlightened the students on the most innovative & technological concept of Computer called as “Network Communication and Security”.

A Guest Lecture by Mr. Prabuddha Sanyal was delivered on August 18 2017 for the students of B. Tech. He initiated his first lecture session with overview of Networking and his emphasis was more on applications and concepts in area of Networking. The session was made interactive by thought provoking questions posed by Mr. Sanyal to the student audience, for example, what is of need of Networking, for which convincing answers were given by the student audience.

Later speaker has narrated his version of answer as follows that the Networking is essential process to establish the communication between the two Computers followed by the understanding on various basic concepts of Networking like Internet, Intranet, Gateway etc. The captivated way of narration of various concepts by speaker has created an excitement among the students.

The Second session went on by addressing the various application areas like:

  • Basic understanding of Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) with their specifications.
  • Practical approach towards assigning an address for a given network i.e.; broadcast addressing, Multicast address and Unicast address.
  • Understanding the idea behind the concept called “Gateway”.

He concluded the session by conducting a Practical session on how to allow access to a user among one or more users in a network. He also suggested B. Tech students to choose Networking as their career option. The lecture has proven to be very inspiring and informative for the students.

  • Prof. Akshay Saraf, Prof. Ashwini Khadke and Prof. Sonia Bajaj assisted the students during the various sessions for explaining the various concepts of Networking and arranged all the transport facilities to make it successful under the guidance of Head of department Prof. Ajay Mahawadiwar.
  • As the discussion we had with Mr. Prabuddha Sanyal, he was very positive for having MoU with them in the field of Study tours, Research, Internship and Employment in the near future.

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