Course Description

The course is an introduction to film appreciation, film history, film analysis and film production – fiction and documentary - from concept to final film.

Course Abstract

The participants will be exposed to the history of cinema and the development of the cinematic language. They will be encouraged to analyze a few selected films and taken through the process of film making – fiction as well as documentary. There may also be specific sessions on the impact of cinema on society and the process of preserving film and film heritage. Finally, there will be an opportunity for the students to explore the avenues for further learning of the film craft.

Course Objectives

Enhance the participants understanding of cinema in all its dimensions including aesthetic, creative, communicative, industrial and commercial. The course will impart skills in contextualizing an audio visual work, grasping the impact of its diverse elements and understanding its import and impact on the society.

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to equip the student with an ability to engage with cinema deeply. It teaches the student to contextualize a film in its historical, social, aesthetic and technological perspective and then goes on to explain the language of pictures and sounds and the meaning created by their design, juxtaposition and sequencing. Finally it explores with the students the relationship between cinema and the society.


Screening of films, lectures accompanied with presentations, interactive discussions, assignment for completion outside the class.

Faculty Profile

Pankaj Saxena is a product of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. In a career spanning 3 decades he has held senior management positions including those of Vice President at Discovery Channel and Head of Programming at BBC. Besides making his own films and consulting major production houses - Pankaj teaches film and television at prestigious media institutes such as IP University, KIIT University and Asian College of Journalism. Currently, Pankaj is busy travelling across the country conducting Film Appreciation Courses as a part of Skilling Indian in Film and Television (SKIFT) initiative of the Film and Television Institute of India.

Who Should Take the Course?

Anyone interested in looking at cinema beyond the entertainment aspect and wanting to appreciate films for its genre, style and content.


26th Dec 2017 - 30th Dec 2017


5 Days


INR 3000/-

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