Student Clubs

“Clubs at GHRU, Amravati”

At the G H Raisoni University, Amravati academics and co-curricular activities are deemed as of equal significance. This is owing to our keenness for the overall development of our students. We have a plethora of club formed to promote co-curricular and cultural activities so as to cater to the growth of our students.

Archery Club

The initiation of our Archery club is associated with the interest of a group of students at our University who aspired to learn the skill. They sought a place where they could relish the joy of this ancient yet modern skill and relax with their friends. And, the Archery club was formed. The club is open to all the students of GHRU and the faculty who wants to join in with or without any prior experience. All we look forward to from the students is to attend the meetings associated with the club and pursue the task with enjoyment.

Toast Master Club

That fear of the stage, the nervousness which you experience when speaking publicly or the dearth in communication and leadership skills which is a part of your personality. Even with all the practice sessions and tips available with the YouTube, Google and Books, filling up this void requires some real practicing. In order to suffice our students with excellent communication and leadership skills, the Toastmaster club has been formed. It acts as the perfect podium to develop skill by practicing and experimenting with knowledge.

Music Club

The objective of the Music club was associated with listening to classical music amidst the campus residents and students. It was thus founded by a group of faculty, staff and students. And, today it is the most sought after club of the University. This club is your favorite destination if you aspire to enjoy music regardless, of the musical gift you possess. After all, music is in every form of life you witness and continues to be that indispensable aspect of the surroundings.

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.