School of Engineering

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.Civil Engineering4 years
2.Computer Science & Engineering4 years
3.Electrical Engineering4 years
4.Electronics & Telecommunication4 years
5.Mechanical Engineering4 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
6.Electrical Power System2 years
7.Embedded System & VLSI2 years
8.Structural Engineering2 years
9.Thermal Engineering2 years
10.Transportation Engineering2 years
11.C.A.D-C.A.M.2 years
12.Computer Science & Engineering2 years
13.Digital Signal & Image Processing2 years
14.Electronics & Telecommunication2 years
15.Smart Manufacturing2 years
16.Data Science2 years
17.Information Technology2 years
18.Information Security2 years
19.Constructional Engineering & Management2 years
20.Environmental Science2 years
21.Diploma in Civil Engineering3 years
22.Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 years
23.Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering3 years
24.Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering3 years
25.Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 years
26.Diploma in Electrical Engineering3 years

School of Management Studies

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.BBA (Supply Chain Management)3 years
2.BBA (Entrepreneurship Development)3 years
3.BBA (Banking & Finance)3 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
4.MBA General2 years
5.MBA (Supply Chain Management)2 years
6.MBA (Entrepreneurship Development)2 years
7.MBA (Banking & Finance)2 years
8.MBA (Textile Management)2 years
9.MBA (Hospital Management)2 years
10.MBA (Telecom Management)2 years

School of Arts & Social Science

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.B.A. (Economics)3 years
2.B.A.- Hons (Economics)4 years

School of Commerce

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.B.Com.- Hons4 years
2.B.Com. (Taxation)3 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
3.M.Com. (Taxation)3 years

School of Sciences

Sr.No.Under GraduateDuration
1.BCA3 years
2.B.Sc. (Forensic Science)3 years
Sr.No.Post GraduateDuration
3.MCA3 years

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