“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”


The leadership at the G H Raisoni University is this and much more. A look at the leadership which is every bit as innovative, influential and empowering!

Chancellor’s Message

Shri Sunil Raisoni

22 years, 24 educational institutes, 2 universities, 7 cities each bespeaking tale of educational excellence aimed at creating knowledgeable individuals, skilled leaders and ethical humans. This excellence is the brainchild of the chairman of the group, the young and dynamic visionary Shri Sunil Raisoni.

In his own words:
‘Empowering lives through education, innovation and values’- This is how I witness the Raisonians.

It all started with the vision my Father Late Shri Gyanchandji H. Raisoni had. And, today it’s his blessings that the group which initiated with an Engineering college in Nagpur, has sprawled to a total of 30 institutes spread in 7 cities of Central India.

Welcome to the G H Raisoni University. A school of thought that established new paradigm in education. An institute which set testament to the most successful students. And, a world of education which inculcates the apt blend of academic and co-curricular activities.

The pertinence of education cannot be negated. With the liberalization of the economy, there has been a need of world class Universities, with capacity to pursue their contribution to the global competitiveness and economic growth. And, this is just the minimum requisite. Keeping the same as the foundation stone, immense emphasis is given in our educational institutes to practical centric education and industry exposure. The focus is portrayed on inculcating latest technological trends in the curriculum. GHRU is committed to empowering the objectives of the students, enlightening their minds and training them to become industry ready.

I take this opportunity to reaffirm my complete support to students and wishing them success in every endeavor. With us you have miles to go in the direction of success.

Patron’s Message

Mrs. Shobha Raisoni

An impeccable administrator is pertinent for a well managed institute. This is verbatim applicable to the Patron Mrs. Shobha Raisoni

In her words:
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. This is how I witness growth in the preeminent education hub in the region, the G H Raisoni University. I believe the students to continue to enhance their thirst of knowledge to imbibe information, instill education and learn on the go. It is the dynamics of the readily altering world and focus-driven faculty that makes lifelong learners out of the students. And, we at the GHRU are proud to have the dedicated and diligent staff.

We are committed to creating responsible citizens who are the epitome of the highest ethics and social conduct. Undoubtedly, we are fully equipped and motivated to nurture ‘Karma Yogis’. And, our strategy is governed by 4 major objectives, students’ satisfaction, excellence in teaching, outstanding research and social responsibility. Our mantra is Learn. Research. Repeat.

My best wishes to the students for a bright future.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Dr. Sudhir U. Meshram

We must determine to use higher education as a tool to bring changes especially in socio-economic status of village -tribal community as an inclusive growth creating knowledge based society, empowerment of deprived students with equal opportunities and facilities to bring them to the National main stream.

In this endeavour:
we need to stay ahead of other institutions by undertaking path-breaking futuristic initiatives and measures such as sun-rise knowledge, technology, tools with modern economy and skill development such as “Lab to Land” and “Lab to Industry” flagships programmes.

The main vision is to enhance and build capacities of this rural region of the country by grooming conscious student communities through developing social capital and community engagement for achieving social justice, equity and overall comprehensive approach to skill based education.

In my capacity as the Vice-Chancellor of G H Raisoni, Saikheda (Chhindwara), Madhya Pradesh, India, I would like to state with whole hearted determination that no stone will be left unturned for the upliftment and wholesome development of the villagers and tribals making them equal participants in a rapidly changing world by restoring their self –esteem, empowering them with skills and knowledge thus enabling them for economic growth.

Vice Chancellor’s Message

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.”- Anonymous

This quote stands every word apt for the leadership which is very much a part of the brilliance reciprocated in our G H Raisoni University. Leadership is definitely something not practiced just in words, but in the attitude and actions as well. This is true for the respected Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Maheshkumar Narsingrao Yenkie.

In his own words:
“Knowledge is the key ingredient on which a country’s economy and development depends. Quality education is that major element which has the potential to build a nation and make it stronger.”- This is exactly the paradigm of educational excellence established at the G H Raisoni University. With the state-of-the-art tools, enriching pedagogy and excellent faculty, the path to quality education is paved at our educational institute.

The student of today is the future of tomorrow. In our objective to make our students knowledgeable pertaining to the global scenario, the pathway runs through our higher education institutes. We take care of every aspect to ensure that the best is possible for our students. The preeminent faculty, all-inclusive curriculum and promising amenities define us and our institute. The result is an education which reflects excellence through its methodology, ingestion of knowledge via books and nurturing of skills aided by the activities. We have made sure to inculcate in the curriculum a blend of theoretical, practical and industry-driven education.

The students have success to look forward to at the G H Raisoni University.

My best wishes to accomplish the dreams they have nurtured.

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.